Keith Nelson of Buckcherry on making records, opening for KISS and fighting child abuse

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Buckcherry is a band that makes rock records for people who like rock music. They blend Motley Crue with Guns N Roses and thrown in a bit of “Toys In The Attic”-era Aerosmith for good measure. You likely know the band from its cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” that has become a staple of NASCAR coverage, or because of the band’s stripper anthem for the 00s “Crazy B*tch.”

Earlier today I talked with Keith Nelson, the band’s guitarist and co-founder. During our 10-minute conversation we talked about the band’s influences, the band’s efforts to help fight child abuse, plans for the group’s next record and more. Listen to the interview below and check out Buckcherry Sunday night when the band plays KeyArena opening for KISS. You can purchase tickets to the show here.

Buckcherry interview by ear_candy

Travis Hay

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