Ear Candy’s favorite photos from 2009

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Sleepy Eyes of Death @ CHBP :: by Brittney Bush Bollay
A powerfully dark and heavy band deserves a powerfully dark and heavy photo and that is
exactly what Brittney delivers here. CHBP COVERAGE

The Redwood Plan @ Sunset Tavern :: by Travis Hay
I love Lesli Wood’s flying red hair combined with the sunburst color of her guitar.

Green Day @ KeyArena :: by Steven Friederich
Billie Joe Armstrong seems to be declaring his dominance over the crowd and
from the looks of it, the crowd is loving being dominated. MORE GREEN DAY PHOTOS

Joey Santiago :: by Dave Lichterman
The quiet backbone of The Pixies gets his due in the silhouetted spotlight. SHOW REVIEW

Hey Marseilles @ CHBP :: by Alex Crick
Sometimes a picture perfectly captures the essence of a band’s sound and Alex’s snapshot of
Hey Marseilles’ Matt Bishop in Caffe Vita’s Bean Room does exactly that. CHBP COVERAGE

Monotonix @ Sasquatch! :: by Travis Hay
Believe it or not, I got a whole lot closer to the band than what this photo illustrates.

Sunny Day Real Estate @ The Paramount Theatre :: by Alex Crick
It was great to see Jeremy Enigk smiling during SDRE’s triumphan reunion gig.

They Live! @ CHBP :: by Alex Crick
You can tell Bruce Illest knows he and Gatsby are killing the crowd. Another great candid shot.

Virgin Islands @ Mt Fuji Records Showcase :: by Brittney Bush Bollay
When exectued perfectly a guitar jump can be one of the most powerful moves in a rock star’s aresenal.
Something tells me Michael Jaworski already knows this. MORE MT FUJI PHOTOS

Tilson of The Saturday Knights @ EMP’s Exhibitichin’ :: by Travis Hay
The Saturday Knights played a party at the EMP for its Jim Henson exhibit and at the show puppet-faced
props of TSK were made available. I broke out my phone when I saw Tilson walking by and here is the result.

Flaming Lips fans @ Marymoor Park : by Travis Hay
Who dresses like a pirate and a parrot to go to a rock show? Flaming Lips fans, that’s who.

Black Tide @ Warped Tour :: by Travis Hay
This pretty much sums up what last summer’s Warped was about: loud bands and young kids.

The Sounds @ Showbox at the Market :: by Brittney Bush Bollay
Maja Ivarrson’s having a blast here and you can tell the crowd is too. Plus, look at those shoes.

The Sounds @ Showbox at the Market :: by Brittney Bush Bollay
Did I mention those shoes? THE SOUNDS REVIEW

King Khan and the Shrines @ Sasquatch! :: by Steven Friederich
This was one of those festival moments you’ll never forget if you were there. Only a band with roots in Germany
can pull off a tuck maneuver during a song calld “I Wanna Be Your Girl.” KING KHAN COVERAGE

Japandroids @ Chop Suey :: by Alex Crick
The hair. The scream. The face. JAPANDROIDS PHOTOS & REVIEW

TADgarden @ The Crocodile :: by Travis Hay
I was lucky enough to snap this pic of  the 3/4 Soundgarden reunion right when TAD was exposing his belly
and telling the crowd he could “fit two Cornells” in there. TADGARDEN PHOTOS

Victor Shade @ The High Dive :: by Steven Friederich
RA Scion of Common Market debuted his new project called Victor Shade at an Ear Candy show.
It was great to see him enjoy the unveiling of his caped alter ego . MORE VICTOR SHADE

POS @ Warped Tour :: by Travis Hay
POS seriously slapped this dude across the face, but he was asking for it. The drunk guy
wanted POS to punch him, instead he got smacked real good on the kisser. MORE POS

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo’s sidekicks @ The Comet :: by Travis Hay
If you’ve been to a Brent Amaker show you know sightings of friendly faces like these are commonplace.

The Flaming Lips @ Marymoor Park :: by Dave Lichterman
Aside from the spectale of confetti flying everywhere, I like this photo because it looks like Wayne Coyne is praying to the crowd
and the outstrecthed hands of a fan in the frame make it appear as if the fans are praying to Wayne. MORE FLMAING LIPS PHOTOS

Mark Lanegan @ Bumbershoot :: by Steven Friederich
Is he singing or is he constipated. I don’t know, you tell me.

Visqueen @ REVERBfest :: by Alex Crick
Visqueen used REVERBfest as the CD release party for Message to Garcia, my favorite local record of the year.
I wasn’t at this show but this picture makes me feel like I was there. MORE REVERBFEST PHOTOS

Common Market @ Bumbershoot :: by Travis Hay
The piece of performance art that was Common Market’s Bumbershoot set could have been tasteless
and cheesy, instead it was one of the best hip hop sets I’ve witnessed. MORE BUMBERSHOOT PHOTOS

Grynch and some guy you might know @ The High Dive :: by Alex Crick
For a split second I was mad when Grynch pulled me on stage during his set at Ear Candy’s Bumbershoot kickoff show because, believe it or not,
I’m a pretty shy person. Then I got a look at his smile, and how can you be mad at a guy with a smile like that? MORE GRYNCH

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