Brittney’s top 5 Sasquatch! performances

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The Heavy A crazy soul-funk dance party at noon on a Monday? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t been part of it. I had more fun during the twenty minutes I caught of this set than I would have had at a two-hour MGMT show.

Girls After this set I grabbed a friend and demanded, “HOW HAVE YOU NOT MADE ME LISTEN TO THIS BAND BEFORE?” I still want to know.

Watching five security guards struggle to hold up the barriers against the billowing mass of exultant Japandroids fans warmed my little rock-n-roll heart, and inspired me to stow my camera bag and run in to the crowd to participate in the fun.

The National
Singer Matt Berninger finished The National’s set balanced precariously on the edge of the stage, his eyes and voice haunted like a man standing instead on the ledge of a skyscraper. This sight was so intense and resonant for me I had to actually step away from the performances for a while to absorb and process it.

I had been waiting fifteen years to see this band, and I loved every sloppy, start-and-stop minute of it. I’ve seen a few negative reviews of this performance, but remember that messiness is an important part of the band’s aesthetic. And even if the majority disagrees, there were at least two people in that crowd – me and some guy about fifteen feet behind me – blissed out and singing along to every single word.
Brittney Bush Bollay

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