Block Party hangover: Blue school is back in session

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The Blue Scholars’ setlist was ideal for the outdoor summer evening setting. during the final day of the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Tracks like “Cruz,” and “HI-808” sounded better than they ever have before in the evening sunshine and “Sagaba,” an old favorite of mine, was perfect amid the picturesque background, nothing short of amazing. The duo of Geologic and Sabzi unveiled a few new tracks and beats, all of which sounded great, and announced that their next album – entitled “Cinemetropolis” – will be dropping early next year.

Just when you thought they had left the scene to the young-guns and Third-Wavers, the Blue School is back in session. Only this time, it may be more like graduate school given the experience both Geo and Sabzi have under their belts now. These guys are still the frontrunners of local hip-hop, and I have a feeling the new album will make us feel stupid for ever thinking otherwise.

*** Blue Scholars at Capitol Hill Block Party 2010 photo by Jason Tang

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