Courtney tells all during her surreal and unforgettable End Session

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Photo by Jason Tang

Courtney Love performed a private four-song set for radio station contest winners and media members at Bumbershoot during the weekend. This is where Jason Tang got the lovely photo of Courtney’s, ahem, tang (yes, I just went there) to the right.

Being in the room while Courtney butchered an acoustic version of “Jeremy,” shit-talked Mariah Carey, casually talked about money gained from Nirvana, called Kurt Cobain’s manhood “Kurt’s peen” and named-dropped just about every celebrity in the Hollywood phone book, was one of the most bizarre moments of my life

I used to think that I would never want to interview Courtney Love. That was before the surreal experience that was yesterday’s End Session performance set up by 107.7 The End.

Here are some highlights:

On Cobain biographer Charles Cross’ relationship with her dead husband:

“Charlie knew Kurt better than I did … I just slept with him. I knew Kurt’s peen.”

On oral sex:
“I’ve never blown anyone to get anywhere … But I give good blow.”

On a potential Hole reunion with Melissa Auf der Maur & Eric Erlandson with a tour that would only include old Hole material:
“I’d rather die. I’d rather take less money and play under Weezer.”

On feuding with Billy Corgan:
“I just ignore him. He’ll be back.”

On Frances Bean Cobain wanting to live with Amanda Palmer:
“She wants to be around other crazy than me right now”

Travis Hay

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