Year Candy: The best photos of 2010 part 1

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Stellar concert photography is a point of pride for Guerrilla Candy and throughout the year Guerrilla Candy photographers work very hard to capture the feeling of the local music scene as experienced from behind their viewfinders. I consider myself to be very lucky to get to work such a talented crew of shooters that I consider to be the best staff of music photographers working in Seattle.

Here are 20 of my favorite shots of the year that appeared either on this site or on Ear Candy, each helping tell the story of the year in local music, with captions explaining why I enjoy each photo so much. Expect to see 20 more of my favorite photos by year’s end.

Is Macklemore about to step on the camera? The crazy angle made for a great shot. Photo by Jason Tang

Chris Mansfield's tattoos seem to tell a story as sad and beautiful as his debut album. Photo by Jason Tang

The faces of these satisfied Gwar fans perfectly captures the essence of Gwar's live show. Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

What happens when you mix Brent Amaker, Head Like A Kite's Dave Einmo, several shots of whiskey and a camera? This. Photo by Dave Lichterman

The fun and energy of both Spac3man and Capitol Hill Block Party in one frame. Photo by Jason Tang

A dynamic photo of a dynamic live band. Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

I have no idea what Damien Jurado is singing but I can feel his emotion in this picture. Photo by Jason Tang

Mid-jump photos are always fun and this shot perfectly reflects the energy and spirit of the Lonely Forest. Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Perfect cloud cover, perfect filter and color selection and a perfect picture. Photo by Jason Tang

This picture makes me feel like I was there watching Air 2 A Bird even though I wasn't. Photo by Jason Tang

Two frames of Ben Harwood equal double the hair and double the rock. Photo by Dave Lichterman

This is perhaps my favorite post-Ten era photo of Mike McCready ever. Photo by Jason Tang

A guitarist in rabbit costume? Only in Capitol Hill. Photo by Jason Tang

Kaylee Cole seems so happy with her wind-swept hair at Sasquatch! Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Sabzi's strut was a highlight of one of the best Blue Scholars sets I've seen. Photo by Jason Tang

Buffalo Madonna's eyes. Just look at those crazy eyes. Photo by Jason Tang.

Ra Scion went all out when he dressed up as Victor Shade for the final time during a Halloween show at the Vera Project. Photo by Alex Crick

the feistiness and ferocity of Lesli Wood in a photo. Photo by Jason Tang

I'm Emily Haines and I'm angry! Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

!!! performed the best Caffe Vita Bean Room set ever. Period. Photo by Jason Tang

Travis Hay

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Travis Hay is a professional music journalist who has spent the past 14 years documenting and enjoying Seattle's diverse music scene. In 2009 he established Guerrilla Candy and is currently the site's editor and publisher. He has written for various media outlets including MSN Music, the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, Seattle Weekly, and others and was the founder and editor of defunct music site Ear Candy.