Year Candy: The best photos of 2010 part 2

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Last week I shared 20 of the best photos featured either here on Guerrilla Candy or on Ear Candy during 2010. You can check out those photos over here. Today I would like to share 20 more amazing photographs, each with a caption explaining the picture and why I find it so visually compelling.  So here is the second, and final installment, of the best photos of 2010.

A Head Like A Kite show is always a party and this shot of Dave Einmo perfectly illustrates that fact. Photo by Dave Lichterman

That expression on Patrick Carney's face pretty much sums up the intensity and awesomeness of the Black Keys' concert at the ParamountPhoto by Lori Paulson

Solomon Burke was one of the greatest soul singers alive. This is a shot from his Bumbershoot set, which happened a little more than a month before his death. Photo by Jason Tang

Sometimes shit happens when you travel to the Gorge. For this girl, Sasquatch! 2010 was one of those times. Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Gorillaz put on the best arena rock show of the year. This pic shows the serious and playful side of the band. Photo by Suzi Pratt

A great guitar jump courtesy Curtains for You captured by Jason Tang's camera.

Look at that hair defy gravity. Dead Confederate's Jason Scarboro in action at Ear Candy's Official Bumbershoot After Party. Photo by Jason Tang

The lighting, colors and pyro make this Rob Zombie shot demoniacally beautiful. Photo by Alex Crick.

Watching Dita Vox perform at Ear Candy's Funofficial Bumbershoot Kickoff Party was my first Thee Emergency experience and it was an experience I soon won't forget. Photo by Jason Tang

More hair attempting to defy gravity. Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

This photo of Fitz and the Tantrums shows that the power of music can transcend color, race and sex. Photo by Jason Tang

Yikes! Photo by Jason Tang

Bumbershoot was one of Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs's biggest shows and here Laughing Dog Justin Davis is reveling in the moment. Photo by Jason Tang

Excellent composition for this shot of the School of Rock All Stars at EMP's Sky Church. Photo by Jason Tang

One word sums up this photo from Arcade Fire's KeyArena concert: pretty. Photo by Jason Tang

No-Fi Soul Rebellion knows how to have a party and they lived up to their partytime reputation during Ear Candy's Birthday Bash at Nectar. Photo by Alex Crick

Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer jumping around like they are in their 20s while in their 40s is a great testament to the longevity and spirit of the Posies. Photo by Jason Tang

It's tough not to smile while taking in the look of pure joy on Brandi Carlile's face as she receives an achievement award from Mayor Mike McGinn. Photo by Jason Tang

Can you tell I really like jumping photos? This shot from the Hootenanny for a Healthy Gulf is one of my favorites. Photo by Jason Tang

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