For Your Consideration: Hot Bodies in Motion

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For Your Consideration is a semi-regular feature on Guerrilla Candy that looks at the lesser-knowns of the local music community

Old Habits – Hot Bodies In Motion – The Crocodile, Seattle from Hot Bodies In Motion on Vimeo.

There are a lot of great things I could say about locals Hot Bodies in Motion.

I could tell you all about how their brand of soulful and bluesy funkified rock is the perfect soundtrack for Seattle’s blustery winter months. Or I could tell you that the title track to their debut EP Old Habits, which is set to be released Jan. 8, is one catchy gem of song. But you can go ahead and click play on the video above to give the song a listen for yourself. And now that it’s firmly stuck in your head you can go over to the band’s website and download it for free so you can listen to it whenever you like. Oh, and if you thought “Old Habits” was catchy, wait until you hear the ridiculously sick guitar work on “Physics,” the track that follows “Old Habits” on the EP.

I guess I could also tell you about how Hot Bodies in Motion are my favorite discovery of early 2011, although that wouldn’t be true because I started listening to them in late 2010 thanks to a hot tip from Guerrilla Candy photog Jason Tang. Plus, I want to sound cool and pretend to be one of those pretentious bloggers who says he was listening to them way back when because I think Hot Bodies in Motion have the potential to make a lot of noise in 2011.

But I am not going to say all of those things, even though they are all true. Instead, I’m just going to encourage you to head over to the Tractor Tavern Saturday night to see Hot Bodies in Motion live (9:30 p.m., $12)  so you can experience the band for yourself. While you’re out boogieing down in Ballard be sure to pick up a copy of Old Habits so you’ll be able to say you were listening to Hot Bodies in Motion way back when too.

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