Tonight: Celebrate Sound on the Sound’s birthday

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It’s no secret that I consider the folks over at Sound on the Sound to not only be operators of one of the best local music blogs in town but also to be a group of great people I am happy to call friends. That’s why tonight I recommend heading over to the U District to celebrate the birthdays of Abbey and Josh (the site’s founders) at the Blue Moon.

The show, which costs a mere $5, features two up-and-coming locals, a cover band and a super-secret headliner. The bill includes Kelli Schaefer, and Pickwick as well as The Petty Party, which isn’t on the poster but is being billed as Seattle’s preeminent Tom Petty cover band, and a super-secret headlining band calling themselves “The Allman Butters.”

Sound on the Sound is known for being a launching pad for several successful local Americana-folk-rootsy bands like the Moondoggies, Maldives, the Head and the Heart, Drew Grow and many others. Typically bigger local bands play under a fake names at Sound on the Sound’s birthday bashes and past SotS birthday show headliners include the Maldives (who performed under the pseudonym JD & The Schmiddty Boys ) and the Whore Moans(who performed under the name the Black Power Rangers).

Pickwick and Kelli Schaefer are two of the site’s current darlings so be sure to head over to the show tonight to check them so you can say you saw them before they went on to play stages bigger than the Blue Moon. And if it makes any difference Kelli Schaefer and Pickwick also get Guerrilla Candy’s stamp of approval because they are both quite good and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy their music.

As for the real identity of these Allman Butters? Well, I can’t tell you because it’s a secret but I will say that there’s a good chance it could be one of the bands mentioned in this post. Which band? You’ll have to show up at the Blue Moon tonight to find out.

Travis Hay

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