Foo Fighters to play surprise set at Sasquatch! Launch Party?

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Here’s another one to file in the jumping the gun and there will be egg on my face if this is wrong departments.

You might also end up filing this one in the be glad you got your Sasquatch! Launch Party tickets department if you’re going to be at the Showbox Sunday night.

Now I might be making something out of nothing here so don’t get too excited, but I couldn’t help but wonder whether Sasquatch! headliners Foo Fighters might be making an appearance at the Sasquatch! Launch Party Sunday night.

Here’s my logic:

  • Foo Fighters have said via Twitter that they are going to stage a series of surprise shows prior to the release of their album on April 12 and recently played a secret show in L.A. where they debuted the new record.
  • If you tune the Foo Fighters radio station that teases songs from the new album you hear a DJ on station 108.8 “The X” hint about a secret Foo Fighters show. Is 108.8 The X a clever Dave Grohl nod to Seattle’s 107.7 The End?
  • Last night on the Foo Fighters Twitter account there was a picture of the band hanging with Lemmy from Motorhead, who is playing a show in Seattle tonight. It’s not too far of a stretch to assume that picture was taking in Seattle. Of course, that picture could also have been taken a few days, weeks or months ago.

Yeah, I know it’s pretty flimsy logic right? But it still begs the question and I wanted to put it out there for purposes of either getting egg on my face or for being able to say I told you so Sunday night. Also, it is worth noting that emails to Live Nation and Foo Fighters publicist asking about a possible Foo Fighters appearance were not returned, which means this is all unconfirmed speculation so don’t start lining up a secret Foo Fighters show (a la Nudedragons) because it could not happen.

So, will Foo Fighters be at the Showbox on Super Sunday? I guess you’ll just have to be there to find out.

But one thing is for sure, whatever happens at the Showbox at the Market Sunday it is definitely going to beat the hell out of whatever the Black Eyed Peas do during the Super Bowl half time show.

Travis Hay

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