Hobosexual’s marketing magic

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Yes, that's me sticking it to The Man with a trident

Some bands just know how to get my attention and my buddies in Hobosexual are one of those bands.

If you read Guerrilla Candy’s profile of Hobosexual a few months back (I know, I know, tl; dnr) then you know they are  purveyors of all things 1980s. So it makes sense that when they reached out to a few local media outlets to announce their latest endeavor that they did so with some flashy 1980s style.

Not only did Hobo Ben and Hobo Jeff send me  the lovely personal press release to the left, they also sent a fancy Sony Sports Walkman (you know, the good kind, with mega bass, a lock on the cassette opening and an adjustable belt clip), a pair of new earbud headphones and a copy of Hobosexual’s new live record, Live From The CCT on  tape. (Full disclosure: The band was nice enough to thank me in the liner notes of Live From The CCT so I am going to refrain from reviewing the tape, but rest assured if you like loud, live rock then you’re going to love this album)

You read that right, the band is releasing a cassette tape and Hobosexual is returning to the scene of the crime to celebrate the release of this excellent live tape on June 24. The bill will be headlined by the Hobos and also feature Whalebones and This Bitch Don’t Fall Off ($7, 9 p.m.). Check out the video for the tape’s Hobonus track “Monolith,” which was premiered on Guerrilla Candy back in May, below.

Columbia City Theatre was nice enough to offer Guerrilla Candy a pair of tickets to this show to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is send an email to guerrillacandy@gmail.com with the subject “I’m a Hobo” and your name in the body. A winner will be chosen and notified Friday (June 25) afternoon. If you don’t win tickets you can purchase them at this link. Good luck.

** Oh, and in case you don’t have a tape player laying around, the tape comes with a download code so you can listen to Live From The CCT on one of those newfangled mp3 players **

Hobosexual – Monolith from Amelia Gydé on Vimeo.

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