Video interview: Head Like a Kite

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Head Like a Kite at Sasquatch! 2011 from Guerrilla Candy on Vimeo.

If you’re a loyal Guerrilla Candy reader you probably know that Head Like A Kite is one of our favorites here at GC HQ which means hopefully you’re already pretty familiar with Dave Einmo’s electro-dance-rock band.

If you’re not familiar with HLAK I encourage you to check out the above interview with Einmo, Asya Smoosh and MC Tilson that I conducted prior to the band’s set at Sasquatch! 2011 as part of my day job. It perfectly captures the band’s fun-spirited nature and it definitely gives you something to look forward to for the group’s upcoming Bumbershoot set.

Head Like A Kite performs at Bumbershoot on the Fisher Green Stage Sept. 5 at 2:15 p.m. Single-day tickets to Bumbershoot cost $35 and three-day passes are $90. Tickets can be purchased here.

Travis Hay

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