Tonight: See Smokey Brights rock out at the Tractor

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Wildflowers- Smokey Brights by Smokey Brights

I haven’t been too shy about sharing my like of Smokey Brights. They’re a band of a bunch of good people who play good songs that are always a gauranteed to deliver a good time. That’s why tonight I can’t recommend enough that you check out Smokey Brights at the Tractor Tavern.

So why exactly should you be at the Tractor tonight aside from the Smokeys getting the solid Guerrilla Candy seal of approval? Well, not only is it pretty much a guaranteed good time on a Friday night, apparently it is also going to be a little bit different from past Smokey Brights live sets.

The band recently went on a west coast tour and during that tour they reshaped their sound. Not only did the group work on new material they also decided to crank thing up a notch and experiment with a more rocking sound compared to the beautifully harmonious, borderline folk they’re known for creating. This means new arrangements for songs, new songs and a bigger rock ‘n’ roll sound from one of the most promising and most underrated bands in Seattle.

Also, another good reason to head out to Ballard tonight is that this will be the last time you’ll get to see Smokey Brights in action for a little while as Ryan Devlin, the band’s vocalist, will be heading out on the road to play bass with Virgin Islands (another criminally underrated and talented local band) who will be opening for Cursive.

Smokey Brights perform with Legendary Oaks and The Washover Fans at the Tractor Tavern tonight.  $8, 9:30 p.m.

Travis Hay

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