Fly Moon Royalty expands its electro-pop soul with ‘Dimensions’

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Adra Boo of Fly Moon Royalty at Bumbershoot 2011


Dimensions, the latest offering from Sportn’ Life Records artist Fly Moon Royalty, perfectly captures the duo’s essence while successfully building on the electro-soul sound they established with their self-titled debut.

Fly Moon Royalty is vocalist Adra Boo and DJ/producer Action Jackson. Boo is an impressive soul singer and her voice could easily be the focus of Fly Moon’s work but it’s not. Action Jackson’s production work and beats are as key an element to the group’s music as Boo’s formidable voice. Balancing both of those elements is where Fly Moon Royalty finds its biggest successes and that balance is showcased on the five-song Dimensions EP.

The EP begins with “The Sermon,” which sets the tone with a grooving organ intro that later gets combined with a simple-yet-effective beat which provides the track’s banging backbone. Elsewhere on the EP, “The Birthday Song” is a Motown influenced pop song that simply screams summer (you can download here for free) and “I’m The Shit” takes a slight detour from the soulful sound of Dimension with InferKnow spitting rhymes and Boo on the chorus.

The fifth and final cut on the EP, a remix of the EP’s second  track “My Heart Keeps Pumping,” is its only disappointment. The remix is a less menacing take on the track and it’s a nice bonus but it would’ve been nicer to have an additional original song simply because all of the EP’s other offerings leave you wanting more of  Adra Boo and Action Jackson’s winning electro-soul formula.

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