Flatstock may not happen at Bumbershoot this year

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Flatstock at Bumbershoot iin 2011. Photo by Travis Hay

According to Line Out, Bumbershoot decided to pass on hosting the Flatstock art show this year.

Here’s the statement One Reel Associate Director Aubbie Beal provided:

“It’s true that Flatstock is taking a break from Bumbershoot this year due to current space constraints. However, we are hopeful that we will find a mutually agreeable, suitable location for them next year, when new spaces become available after the Next 50 Celebration has ended.”

Flatstock’s absence is a relatively minor blow for the festival, which is on a bit of a rebound this year thanks to a pretty stellar lineup, and shouldn’t detract many from attending the Labor Day weekend event. And while this news means I’ll likely leave this year’s Bumbershoot with a bit heavier wallet than I have in previous years (I tend to spend more money at Flatstock than I do on food at the three-day festival), it’s saddening to see Flatstock go because not only does it give artists a space to sell their art but it also provides Bumbershoot with another showcase for an often overlooked discipline of the arts.

UPDATE: Line Out just updated its post with news that Flatstock may still happen this year minutes after this post went live. Apparently Flatstock and One Reel are in negotiations that involve the possibility of Flatstock happening in a smaller space.  Click here to get the full statement from One Reel that was provided to Line Out.

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