Album preview: The Flavr Blue’s ‘Pisces’

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It would be easy to call  Pisces, the debut record from locals The Flavr Blue, a sleeper hit but I’m more inclined to label it an immediate smash success. It’s a record with no peers as it’s unlike anything that’s being created locally, or at least anything that I am exposed to regularly.

So who is this Flavr Blue?

The Flavr Blue is Parker of State of the Artist, Hollis Wong-Wear of Canary Sing and other projects, including this dope cut off Don’t Talk to the Cops’ debut album, and producer/MC Lace Cadence of the Clockwork crew. While all three of these talented artists have distinct hip-hop pedigrees The Flavr Blue is definitely not hip-hop. This trio created a banging club record filled with cuts made for the dance floor and it’s one of the most refreshing local albums of the year.

Give the first three songs off Pisces, which includes the thumping party anthem “F x F,” above and you’ll see why I absolutely love this album and chances are you’ll be absolutely loving it too when it is released July 24.

The Flavr Blue celebrate the release of Pisces Aug. 4 at The Barboza.

Travis Hay

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