Watch: Vendetta Red cover Soundgarden for Jet City Stream

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Jet City Stream has been making some noise off its airwaves the past few months with its Jet City Stream Sessions, which are intimate live performances by artists that are broadcast on the station. So far the sessions have included Reignwolf, Barcelona and Fly Moon Royalty.

Last week Vendetta Red added its name to the list of artists who have delivered Jet City Stream Sessions when the band dropped by Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline to record a set for JCS.  The set included old favorites like “Shatterday” and “Vendetta Red Cried Rape on Their Date With Destiny” as well as a few new songs off the band’s excellent new album Scripture, a record I think is their best output to date.

Hearing a bit of the old mixed in with the new was definitely a treat but the highlights of the session came in the form of two unlikely covers — Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings” and The Smith’s “Girlfriend in a Coma.” The latter was a fun, somewhat playful romp through a 1980s classic. Vendetta Red previously performed “Stay Away” at EMP’s Nevermind 20-year anniversary concert, so the Nirvana cover didn’t mark the first time VR has taken on that band’s material.  But what made the selection especially cool was where it took place.

Robert Lang Studio was the last place Nirvana did a recording session, which resulted in “You Know You’re Right” among other material, and watching the band play a Nirvana song in a space where Nirvana once recorded and right around the corner platinum Nirvana records were hanging on the wall was a pretty cool experience.

A third cover was rumored to make it into the setlist but the band decided against performing the song. However, they did soundcheck the song, which was Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage,” and Jet City Stream’s Marco Collins caught it on film. Enjoy the clip above and when you’re done enjoying that morsel of  local music awesomeness you can direct your browser to Jet City Stream over here.

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