Year Candy: Five local sleeper albums from 2012

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The Flavr Blue


So far I’ve run down my picks for some of the top local hip-hop and rock records of the year, and because Seattle’s music scene isn’t confined to two genres I also listed my picks for the top local records overall for 2012. While those are wonderful lists filled with excellent music, there are still quite a few awesome local albums that slipped through the cracks and didn’t quite get the recognition they deserve. The below list covers some of the albums that flew under the radar and are well worth your attention.


Daydream Vacation Seize the Fire

Daydream Vacation is Dave of Head Like A Kite and Asya of Smoosh. Together they create electro-pop of the best variety. That variety being the feel-good, fun kind of electro-pop that makes you want to get down and bust a move.


The Flavr Blue Pisces 

Speaking of busting a move, The Flavr Blue will also make you dance. The Flavr Blue is Parker of State of the Artist, Hollis Wong-Wear of Canary Sing and other projects, including this dope cut off Don’t Talk to the Cops’ debut album, and producer/MC Lace Cadence of the Clockwork crew. This trio created a banging club record filled with cuts made for the dance floor and it’s one of the most refreshing local albums of the year.

Alessandra Rose You Are Gold

I called You Are Gold the sleeper hit of the year and I still believe it is one of the best records from a singer-songwriter to come out of Seattle this year. Alessandra Rose, formerly of The Kindness Kind, has a beautifully captivating voice. Hopefully this album is the first of many stellar solo offerings to come.

Lindsay Fuller You, Anniversary 

Lindsay Fuller’s beautiful folk songs stand out  so much in a city’s scene that’s seemingly become obsessed with beards and banjos that none other than Seattle transplant Dave Matthews signed her to his ATO Records label. If you aren’t familiar with the local folk scene you can’t go wrong by picking up her ATO debut You, Anniversary.

Nouela Chants

Nouela’s solo record is a bit of a departure from her People Eating People and Mon Frere days. It’s emotionally raw and vulnerable material that’s equal parts happy, angry, poetic and, at times, playful.

Travis Hay

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