Year Candy: 2012 was the year of Reignwolf

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Reignwolf at Sasquatch! 2012. Photo by Christopher Nelson

Reignwolf at Sasquatch! 2012. Photo by Christopher Nelson

In 2012 there was no escaping the one-man rock ‘n’ roll wrecking crew that is Reignwolf. Although he hails from Saskatoon, Seattle has adopted him and he’s made his presence known. From appearing at every major local music festival (sometimes delivering multiple sets) to recording with members of Soundgarden, 2012 was the year of Reignwolf. He’s managed to become a major force in local music in the span of less than a year and the best part is that he has yet to release an album. Here’s a look at some of what Jordan Cook, a.k.a. Reignwolf, accomplished this year:

Feb. 18: Reignwolf takes part of The West’s kickoff party in West Seattle. He shares the bill with Brent Amaker and the Rodeo and My Goodness.

April 7: People start paying attention to Reignwolf after his in-studio performance at KEXP to promote his show at the Comet. That’s when word gets out that he recorded some tracks with Soundgarden’s Ben Shepard and Matt Cameron. Reports also surface that he recorded with session drummer extraordinaire Matt Chamberlain.

April 14: Reignwolf continues to turn heads with a performance at Easy Street Records in West Seattle for Record Store Day.

May 16: Reignwolf helps christen Jet City Stream with the first Jet City Stream session.

May 25-28: Reignwolf delivers at least four sets at Sasquatch! including a campground set and a pop-up performance on top of a van near the Easy Street Records booth.

July 22: Reignwolf comes to Capitol Hill with his CHBP sets including a session with Chase Jarvis.

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Reignwolf at Bumbershoot.

Reignwolf at Bumbershoot.

Sept. 3: Reignwolf delivers a scorching mid-afternoon set at Bumbershoot. Along with his typical bass player and drummer, he gets additional support from a street drummer he met on his way to Bumbershoot. The two are pictured above.

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Reignwolf at the Laserdome.

Reignwolf at the Laserdome.

Oct. 19: Reignwolf plays his biggest solo show yet as part of City Arts Fest where he performs at the Pacific Science Center’s Laserdome.

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2012.11.24: Reignwolf @ The Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

Reignwolf at the Neptune

Nov. 24: Reignwolf caps his year of local domination by headlining a sold-out triple bill with The Young Evils and The Grizzled Mighty at the Neptune.

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