Watch: The Macklemore-approved parody of ‘Thrift Shop’

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I guess you could call it Macklemore parody day here on Guerrilla Candy.

A few hours ago I posted “Oceans of Emotions,” the funny parody that tackles Macklemore’s methods. Now we have “Pot Shop,” which is a hilarious spoof on not just Mack’s “Thrift Shop” as a song but also riffs on the “Thrift Shop” video.

Watch: MC Type’s Macklemore spoof

The saying goes that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, which makes this the most-stoned piece of flattery around. The first half of the song humorously takes Macklemore’s thrift shop lifestyle and turns it into a cotton-mouthed, red-eyed ode to cannabis. But before you go thinking this is song is the product of  a stoner gone wild, the second half is a message about the legalization of pot. Add in the noted stone-cold sobriety of Ben Haggerty (aka Macklemore) and you have yourself a very well-done concept. Oh and the song is endorsed by Macklemore too, so it has that going for it as well.

Travis Hay

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