Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players to headline Sasquatch?

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I’m not a big fan of starting rumors, but I figured this small piece of speculation is worth the digital ink.

As reported yesterday, the Sasquatch! lineup will be revealed Feb. 4. There have been no official statements about who will perform at the festival, but the festival’s Twitter account may have inadvertently spilled the beans on one of the headliners last month with the above tweet.

Dave Grohl has been busy promoting his film Sound City. To support the film he put together a pretty killer band of friends that includes John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Corey Taylor, Krist Novoselic and a whole bunch of other rock stars. The band is called the Sound City Players and they recently made their debut at the Sundance Film Festival. The formation of the Sound City Players isn’t reason enough to speculate they’ll be at Sasquatch, but the above tweet is enough to raise suspicions.

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I typically don’t go reading much into tweets endorsing musicians or films, but I think this is an interesting situation. STG, the company that books Sasquatch!, hasn’t used the festival’s Twitter account much since last year’s festival ended. The only tweets post-Sasquatch! 2012 were promoting festival-related events such as a merch sale on the Sasquatch! website, a notice that presale tickets were being made available and tweets promoting NPR’s video content from the festival.

Those tweets account for 13 of the 15 tweets sent after last year’s festival. The other two tweets consisted of a tweet promoting comedian, and Sasquatch! 2012 performer, Nick Kroll and a tweet promoting Music for Marriage Equality. So out of those 15 tweets, 14 had something to do with Sasquatch! and involved promoting something related to STG. The MME tweet didn’t necessarily promote something related to STG, but was promoting awareness of something of local importance. And while Sound City is a cool movie, it seems a little out-of-place popping up in the Sasquatch! Twitter feed, which is is why I suspect either the Sound City film, or even better, the Sound City Players, will appear at this year’s Sasquatch!

Yes, I know I’m probably making something out of nothing here, but it sure is fun to imagine the Sound City Players tearing it up at the Gorge.

Thankfully, the lineup will be revealed in 13 days so we won’t have to wait long to find out if this rumor is real or just, well, a rumor.

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