Rolling Stone: Is Macklemore this year’s Gotye? Billboard: He’s better

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Macklemore at Sasquatch! 2011. Photo by Dave Lichterman


Last week Rolling Stone posted something on its website that suggested Macklemore & Ryan Lewis could be this year’s Gotye. The magazine was making the case that the somewhat slow burn of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ The Heist, which has been inching its way back up the Billboard charts since its debut at No. 2 in October, is similar to the success story of Gotye’s breakthrough record Making Mirrors. The comparison is a good one as the chart performances between the two albums and their hit songs are similar.

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But that comparison was slightly tipped in Macklemore’s today when “Thrift Shop” topped the Billboard Hot 100, making the nod to Gotye more appropriate. And as good as  the song is doing on the Hot 100 chart, it’s also at the top of the Streaming Songs chart with 1.68 million streams and at the top of the On-Demand Songs chart with 1.54 million streams. That last number passes the previous record holder for most on-demand streams.

Who was that record holder? Gotye, of course, with 1.41 million streams last year.


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