Watch Soundgarden’s ‘By Crooked Steps’ video directed by Dave Grohl

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Soundgarden recently filmed a video for the King Animal track “By Crooked Steps.” The clip was directed by Dave Grohl (who seems to like directing things at the moment) and it features the band in the role of an outlaw Segway biker gang. From what I can tell, the video has yet to be officially released but it was uncovered on a Polish website and popped up online today, so watch it while you can before it gets yanked. I’d embed the clip here but I can’t find the embed option in Polish. Feel free to send it my way if you can decipher Polish internet code. Also, Soundgarden’s peeps once sent me a DMCA violation notice for something I posted a while back and since I’ve had my share of legal run-ins with labels and the like I thought it would be best to link directly to the source.

UPDATE: The clip has now appeared on Vimeo and is embedded below.

A big tip of the hat goes to the fine folks at Antiquiet for finding this video hidden somewhere out there on the interwebs. I highly recommend checking out the video over at Antiquiet because not only is it a great website, but they also managed to figure out the Polish embed code.

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