Mark Lanegan to release two-disc career anthology

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Mark Lanegan at Bumbershoot 2009. Photo by Steven Friederich

Mark Lanegan at Bumbershoot 2009. Photo by Steven Friederich

It’s looking like 2013 is shaping up to be a good year for Mark Lanegan.

The former dark and deep voice of the Screaming Trees will be heard on the upcoming Mad Season deluxe reissue as well as the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age record. Along with those two projects, a two-disc career anthology record is being put together and it will include an entire disc filled with unreleased material.

There’s no word on when this anthology will be released, but when asked about upcoming projects last year Lanegan had this to say:

There’s a company in the United States that’s doing an anthology and I think the second disc of that is going to be unreleased stuff. There’s been a number of songs here and there that I’ve don’t that didn’t make it on the record for whatever reason.



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