The Young Evils are recording their new record at Sound City

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I caught  a screening of Dave Grohl’s Sound City at the Cinerama last night. It’s a fantastic rock doc that I highly recommend for anyone who is remotely interested in the history of rock from the 1970s up to the late ’90s. The famous studio is responsible for dozens of the biggest records in rock ranging from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors to Nirvana’s Nevermind, and the film does an excellent job of chronicling its history and importance to rock ‘n’ roll.

While walking out of the theater I ran into Mackenzie, Troy and Cody of the Young Evils. The run-in was fitting because Troy told me in 10 days the Young Evils are hitting the road to record their sophomore full-length album at … Sound City.

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Nelson said he is excited to have the opportunity to record at the studio where Nevermind was recorded.

“For me, Nirvana was the reason I started making music, so this is sort of like my full circle,” he said.

The Young Evils begin recording at Sound City on Feb. 13. They’ll be working with producer Kevin Augunas who owns Sound City and has worked with Cold War Kids, the Watson Twins, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Mandy Moore and many others.

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