Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ ‘Wings’ video made for the NBA

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The NBA All-Star game will be broadcast on TNT later this month. To promote the annual hoops showcase the station  teamed up with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for a special video for the song “Wings.” Check it out above.

It’s an interesting move for a few reasons. First, there is already a video for “Wings.” It was released in 2011 thanks to the help of a Kickstarter that raised more than $18,000. The other interesting aspect is the message of “Wings,” which is a message that’s strongly anti-sneaker consumerism culture. And of course the title of the song is a reference to major NBA sponsor Nike, so there’s that as well.

TNT’s version of “Wings” sculpts the song to have a pro-NBA message, making it much more digestible for the general public. I can hear the sell out shouts from all of the haters now. Watch the TNT version above and the original version of the song below.

Travis Hay

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