Listen to the first single off Stone Gossard’s upcoming solo album

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Stone Gossard performing with Green River in 2008. Photo by Travis Hay

Stone Gossard performing with Green River in 2008. Photo by Travis Hay

Stone Gossard will release his second solo album, titled Moonlander, on June 25. Monday night he debuted the first single off the record, “I Need Something Different,” with a tweet. You can listen to it over here.

Like most solo material from the members of the Pearl Jam gang, the song fits outside of the box that is Pearl Jam. Clocking in at a little more than three-and-a-half minutes, the song’s groove could fit into a Pearl Jam song but the somewhat spacey instrumentation with the keys and various effects make it a bit left of center compared to what Pearl Jam’s catalog has to offer. It’s a very catchy song and it has some nifty guitarwork, which is to be expected from Gossard since he has long been one of the most underrated, yet reliably consistent, guitarists in Seattle. Gossard will reveal one track off the album per week leading up to the release of the record. You can track the progress of the album over here.

Gossard’s solo record is one of many recent Pearl Jam side and solo projects that have kept the band’s members busy since the 2009 release of the group’s ninth studio album, Backspacer. Eddie Vedder released his ukulele record a few years ago, Jeff Ament released a solo record and a record with his new band RNDM last year as well as a record with his other side band Tres Mtns in 2011, Mike McCready has been hard at work resurrecting Mad Season among other projects and honorary sixth member of the band, Boom Gaspar, released an EP two years ago. Gossard has also released two records with his other band Brad since the release of Backspacer. As for drummer Matt Cameron, he’s been keeping himself busy by reuniting, recording and touring with his old band Soundgarden.

The side action will likely end soon for Pearl Jam guys as the group is expected to release its tenth studio album either later this year and early next year and the band recently announced will go on tour this year. The tour is expected to begin in the fall and end at the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans at the beginning of November. I’ll report more information about Moonlander and Pearl Jam’s upcoming tour when it is made available.

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