What the hell is happening in this Tea Cozies video?

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The Tea Cozies released the video for the song “Cosmic Osmo” off their excellent EP “Bang Up” earlier this week and saying it’s strange doesn’t quite do it justice.

It’s a difficult video to explain, but if I had to sum it up I would describe it as what might happen if David Lynch wrote a Stefon skit for SNL. I can hear Bill Hader’s classic SNL club-going tour guide’s voice spelling it out to me in my head now.

Stefon: The hottest video in Seattle is called “Cosmic Osmo.” It’s a creepy mind-boggling clip that is so incredibly odd that you won’t be able to stop watching. It has everything. There are loose mannequin limbs, a tranqued-up keyboarder, Adra Boo’s cherry, scary black-bar-eyed Kithkins, gravitationally possessed silverware …  and it all starts with a refreshing gasmilk facial.

Seth Meyers: What’s a gasmilk facial?

Stefon:  It’s when you lean back and close your eyes so a guy in a gas mask can pour blue milk all over your face.




Travis Hay

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