Celebrate the 22nd birthday of ‘Ten’ by listening to Evil Little Goats

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Pearl Jam’s debut album, Ten, turns 22 today and you can celebrate the occasion by listening to the eighth episode of Evil Little Goats, an unofficial Pearl Jam fan podcast. During the episode, simply titled Shadow, Jeremy and I discuss Shadow’s upcoming performance at Easy Street Records (it’s tonight at 7 p.m. btw), Matt Cameron’s drumtastical new project Drumgasm, Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt activity and more. Oh, and in case you’re curious, we actually don’t discuss Ten at all, but we’ll be sure to address that mistake on the next episode.

You can listen to episode eight of the Evil Little Goats below  and as always feel free to reach out to us at Evil Little Goats via email or by commenting below. And if you missed the first five episodes of Evil Little Goats you can give them a listen over here.

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