PHOTOS: Band of Horses at The Moore

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Fans of Band of Horses were treated to a very special acoustic performance on Sunday night at The Moore Theatre in support of their new live album titled Acoustic at the Ryman.  The stage was arranged in a living room style, complete with a floor lamp, record player, and huge area rug.  Lead singer Ben Bridwell and the rest of the band cracked jokes and re-arranged their stage positions (as if they were playing musical chairs) between songs and genuinely looked like they were having a blast in this very laid-back atmosphere.  They played a good mix of songs (see setlist below) from all four of their studio albums all done in an acoustic fashion similar to Ryman.  It was the band’s third stop on a 13-city acoustic tour which will end on March 5th at the same venue where the album was recorded last April.  Opening the show was Stephen McBean of Pink Mountaintops.

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Band of Horses Setlist The Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA 2014, A Special Acoustic Performance

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