Kitt Bender’s album release at JewelBox Theater leaves fans wanting more

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Review by Raymond Hayden
Photos by George Bentley

Kitt Bender

Kitt Bender has created a masterpiece of a concert series that ties into the very instinct of the modern day woman – to dress up and go out on the town with their significant other – and, more importantly, be adored.  The Little Black Dress concert series was born out of a single with the same namesake as his newest EP, Out of My Mind.  It was also born out of a deeper desire to make people feel, to take them out of the everyday stresses that we all deal with, to give them an opportunity to be a quasi-celebrity, or walk the red carpet, if you will.

As the JewelBox Theater filled up with family, friends and fans on Friday, February 7th, the level of intimacy was quickly amplified by the beautiful ladies in their black dresses accompanied by their significant others who were also dressed to kill.

Kitt Bender

Once the room was wrapped in darkness, a single spotlight was shown on the keyboards as Kitt Bender sat down to begin his serenade us all.  Beginning with the muse of the night – a beautiful acoustic teaser of a little black dress – it was spectacular and set the mood, as intended, for the full band set that followed.

Kitt Bender

From the moment the full band hit the stage until the very end, they nailed every change, every dynamic and breathed life into his undeniably relevant songs.  One of the highlights of the full band set was when Jessica Lynne made a guest appearance on a duet of “Sanity”.  This version of the hidden track on his EP was heartfelt, soulful, and beautifully delivered by both artists in a way that engaged the audience.  You could have heard a pin drop.

Kitt Bender & Jessica Lynne

The set ended just as it had begun, with a brief reprise of the chorus of “Little Black Dress” but, as expected, with the twist ending.  ”Why don’t you take that little black dress off, that little black dress off for me.”  No encore, leave them wanting more.  Just a follow up with a VIP party for his family, friends, and fans.


Jason Tang

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