Kara Hesse releases new EP in Lively fashion

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In celebration of the release of her newest EP, Better By Morning, Kara Hesse collaborated with Seattle’s Lively Lounge to convey a sense of both intimacy and grandeur, and also allowed the show to be recorded and available for purchase online almost immediately afterward.  Her refreshing sound ranges from R&B and Soul to Singer-Songwriter with a taste of Classic Rock.  This effort was self-produced with Phillip Peterson.

Opening the night with an inspired display of musical talent by Tommy Simmons.

Purchase/download audio and video of Kara and Tommy’s Lively sets on Android, Apple, and Windows mobile devices with the following links:
Kara Hesse: http://social.getlive.ly/service/social/package?package_id=8b7f2874093e4fb6b2fae371c6ebb874
Tommy Simmons: http://social.getlive.ly/service/social/package?package_id=e073c2d22ad54894933a8634ffae3622

Kara Hesse’s Band
Bass – Bennet Pullen
Steel Guitar – Dan Tyack
Cello – Phillip Peterson
Additional Keys – Marino Correia
Drums – Kevin Blackwood

Tommy Simmons’ Band
Drums – Scott Simmons
Cello – Phillip Peterson
Bass – Bennet Pullen
Steel Guitar – Dan Tyack

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