Live Show Review Wrap: Sleeper Agent, HOLYCHILD, Pagiins at Showbox Market – 4/22

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If you rolled into the Showbox Market Tuesday night after work or school feeling a little tired, you sure didn’t leave that way.


Pagiins opened with a heavy dose of whoop-ass Thrash Pop.  If that didn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.  Guitar and percussion heavy, they’re served up two drummers who also joined HOLYCHILD on a percussive number.


HOLYCHILD’s lead singer Liz Nistico came out on the first number in a sequin dress with a short white fur coat and a knit cap.  Maybe the cap was for us Seattleites but it worked for her.  You can’t shake like Miss Nistico and wear a fur for long.  Around song two, she shed it revealing a navy blue sequin dress with a number 99 on it.  Tossing her long dark hair, she’s sexy and she commands your attention.  My favorite number was when some of the members of Pagiins joined then onstage for a rockin’ percussion number.  HOLYCHILD will be opening for Fitz and The Tantrums in Seattle on 6/27.   Show info and a link to purchase tickets can be found here and we will definitely be on hand to cover/review that one.

Sleeper AgentSleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent
loved Seattle and Seattle loved them back!  The chemistry between lead singer Alex Kandel and guitarist/vocalist Tony Smith is undeniable.  They’re Rock’s Carter/Cash.  The trading back and forth of female/male sexual tension in songs really works and I find their songs compositionally masterful.  They’re layered with all of the right elements for a hit song.

Sleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent is national quality and it’s no wonder they’re opening this summer for the likes of Fitz and The Tantrums and GROUPLOVE.  They have so many radio hits from the last album Celabrasion and the new one About Last Night, it’s no wonder Seattle wanted more and SA graciously delivered an encore.  Some big announcements are coming for the band so keep a watch on their pages.

Photos by P.Rex Photography

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