Listen: Fences feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Arrows”

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It looks like Chris Mansfield, aka Fences, has a hit on his hand with his latest track “Arrows.”

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The track features Mansfield’s longtime friend Macklemore and is produced by Ryan Lewis. The song is a lot poppier than Fences previous output and teaming with Macklemore will give the track a bit of starpower that will help it get noticed. Along with Macklemore’s lyrical assist, Lewis’ plinky production also makes the song quite radio-friendly so expect to hear “Arrows” often this summer.

Of course this isn’t the first time Macklemore and Fences have teamed up. Mansfield helped write “10,000 Hours,” the opening cut to 2012’s “The Heist” and also worked on a remix of the RHCP-sampling “Otherside.” 

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UPDATE: Atlantic Records, Fences’ label issued a press release announcing the song shortly after its broadcast debut on KEXP. Here’s what Mansfield  and Macklemore had to say about the track in the press release:

“I have known Macklemore for quite some time.  A friendship grown in the coffee shops and broken sidewalks of Seattle.  We became sounding boards for each other’s music and when it made sense we would combine our efforts.  I consider him to be a fearless poet and a selfless human.  ‘Arrows’ is the peak of our mountain.”

Macklemore continues:  “Fences is a good friend.  He’s fucked up in the same way that I’m fucked up.  Because of that, our lives relate beyond music.  I’ve always admired his talent for illustrating with words and evoking imagery.  We’ve made a bunch of stuff together over the years and this here song about Arrows is my favorite one we’ve done.”

Fences new album, “Lesser Oceans,” is due Oct. 14.

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