Next Saturday: Summit Block Party

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Having Capitol Hill Block Party withdrawals?  Well good news.  The folks at Summit Block Party are throwing their third annual shindig next Saturday (August 9th) from 11 AM to 9:30 PM on Summit Ave. between E. Olive & Howell Street in Capitol Hill.  The free, DIY, volunteer-run event was created with the mission to bring community together, showcases local artists/musicians (see below), craft-makers, and will host a BBQ to feed the masses.  If you would like to donate to the cause, you can do so via PayPal!



The Pharmacy
Local psychedelic road hogs take a pit stop to grace SBP3 with their kaleidoscopic psych/pop- finds laser-guided precision vibes.

Wayfinders is a glam hippie four-piece made up of recognizable heads from the sidewalks and stages of Seattle’s music scene. Their sounds bounce between light and dark, never afraid to be beautiful. The live show is a heavy dude scene where the girls always find their way right up front to dance.

Snuff Redux
Local power-pop trio Snuff Redux coax out slickly woozy, sun-lathered guitar lines and highly dazed and enthused hooks. It’s easy-listening kinda-punk for sunny day cruisin’ on things with wheels.

Funky Photos
Members of Unfair Parents and Forrest Friends come together to create a visceral performance art project that leaves you feeling… changed.

Great Spiders
The ever reclusive Great Spiders joins SBP3 for a sure to stun performance that will make our hearts stop… or get us really high. Great Spiders, otherwise known as Omar Schambacher, have been making killer songs for the last 8 or so years under this name and delivering solid lyrical/musical content that anyone with a keen musical ear would immediately recognize as a creative power house.

CMRTYZ are two straight dudes who are totally gay for each other. Creative partners for over 5 years they’ve birthed so many art-love children including but not limited to: clothing, design, a record label and a band all under the acronym. CMRTYZ ((the band)) is a fun lo-fi party enjoyed by anyone who likes good aesthetics and cute things.

Bad Tats
Hailing from Summit Ave, Bad Tats is a punk band known for eccentric performances, tight songs, and antics that will surprise even the most seasoned live music fan. Fast rhythms, catchy hooks, a mad front man, showers of beer, and the occasional surf anthem are all to be expected at their shows. It’s anything but safe.

Carnotaurus began in 2005 as a one man metal project from guitarist/vocalist Travis Helton. After the release of the debut Demo/EP, A Taste of the Carnage to Come, Helton recruited drummer Brad Navratil and bassist Jason Stephenson (who has since been replaced by Ariel Kemp). Mesozoic Death Metal band Carnotaurus will destroy you.

Derek from local revered power-pop punk band, the Murmurs, performs his solo acoustic project, Lifeslow. Derek’s dusty vocals and catchy tunes leaves us with an insatiable thirst for more.

Kelli Frances Corrado
Kelli Frances Corrado is a folktronica singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and occasional visual artist. Coupling bittersweet, ethereal vocals with grandiose violins and cellos, underscored by a sinister metronome of pulsing drums, her tracks are dark, atmospheric and enchanting. Influenced by a nomadic history as a tap dancer, military-wife, social worker and music teacher- her music has been home to recordings, sound installations, grants and artist-in-residency programs. Working with a wish list mix of artists like Brian Deck (Iron and Wine/Califone), Jeffery Mcnulty (Bat Country/Vera Project), Shawn Hatfield (Amon Tobin/ Resident Advisor award winner) and other cool folk.

Ecstatic Cosmic Union
Ecstatic Cosmic Union is a duo that makes soundtracks for transcendental mind movies–cosmic dub and lo-tech space funk that tends to melt into hazy lunar noise. Using guitar, synths, loops and vocals Aubrey and Rena create layered drones for relaxation, meditation and ecstatic trance.

Parker Edison
Parker Edison of Parker Edison and the Numberman recently relocated his smooth, uninterrupted hip hop flows from San Diego to Seattle this year. Parker is destined to quickly gain rapid acclaim in Seattle’s hip hop community and is surely not to be missed!

Founding member of the galvanizing Filthy Fingers United crew, Diogenes is a purveyor of potent originality boldly combating the sonic banality of mainstream beat making. Innovative and unapologetic, Diogenes’ pad pushing resurrects and revisions forgotten sound bites for soul consumption.

Two brothers conjoined by beard, on a mission of sonic universal penetration.

Bailey Skye, a.k.a Nightspace, will throw you into an ambient dreamworld with his synth jamz. Your senses will be alternately satisfied by his ethereal and soul prodding music. Sometimes sad, sometimes dance-y.

Spread Thick crew
DJ’s Matty P and Domenica will bring you the best of boogie, disco, modern funk and anything and everything guaranteed to make you groove.

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