Android Amaker to make live debut Nov. 7

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Android Amaker. Photo by Frank Correa

Android Amaker. Photo by Frank Correa

Brent Amaker, everyone’s favorite cowboyed-up Seattleite, has a new collaborative project on the way and it is unlike anything he has previously released.

The project is called Android Amaker and it is a hybrid fashion, music and art album. Amaker corralled some of the fines artistic minds he could find — including Fresh Espresso/Mad Rad rapper P Smoov, producer and electronic music maestro Vox Mod fashion designer Chris Jones, technology specialist Matt Hickey, choreographer Molly Sides, light designer Josh Black, and photographer Frank Correa — to create create a highly unique conceptual piece of art.

According to a press release officially announcing the group’s upcoming Neumos gig and album release, Android Amaker “explores a world in which Brent Amaker himself has been downloaded into a mechanical humanoid in order to survive the ravages of space and explore the outer galaxy.”

Sounds pretty cool, right? But don’t take my word for it, give “I’m the One,” the lead single off “Android Amaker,” a listen over here.

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Android Amaker will release its debut, self-titled record on limited-edition clear vinyl Oct. 21. and will play its only show on Nov. 7 at Neumos with openers Fresh Espresso and The Fame Riot. ($10, purchase tickets here).

This is what Amaker had to say about the upcoming release:

“We are living in a time in which war is prevalent around the world.  People are losing their homes, becoming refuges, and starving to death.  And at the same time technology is advancing exponentially every day.  Artificial intelligence may provide answers to these problems, or technology may lead to our ultimate demise.  But any way you look at this, we are on the verge of massive change and our very way of life will never be the same.  Android Amaker is gathering like minded artists to tell a story about that.  This vision of the future is just one of many possible outcomes.  And why not insert my future self into the equation as an Android?  Makes total sense to me.”

Travis Hay

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